Hi There! New to MockMotor? Try one of these things:

Read about MockMotor concepts

MockMotor is not a very complex piece of software, but some initial documentation reading wouldn't hurt.

Create a Mock from a Request and Response

If, as it often happens, you have the request and response for your service, you can create a mock response for it in one click.
Paste your request and response into the text field and let MockMotor figure out the rest.

Create Mock...

Create a SOAP Mock Service from WSDL

Tried and proven, SOAP services are still the backbone of the enterprise architecture.
Import your WSDL and generate a ready to use SOAP mock service.

Create SOAP Mock...

Create a REST Mock Service from OpenAPI

Import your OpenAPI service description and generate a ready to use REST mock service.

Create REST Mock...

Import Fiddler and Create Mocks from it

Fiddler is a powerful proxy for Windows that can record all web traffic from your application.
MockMotor can import the Fiddler's files and create a set of matching mock responses.

Import Fiddler...